SKOVA Eco-Friendly Picks for FALL

As the summer winds down and the kiddos are back in school, we here in our cozy beach town of Encinitas are still enjoying warm days and cool nights.  What we love about these autumn months is the abundance of gratitude and what better way to celebrate this time with family and friends and a few essentials.  

We've rounded up some top picks to help enjoy the cooler season with a conscious effort to support less waste and natural products.  Please enjoy!

1.  The Ultimate Picnic Basket

Exited to announce PRE-ORDER of our eco-friendly, hand-made wicker basket with setting for four.  Wine glasses, ceramic plates and silverware, as well as a handy wood cutting board.  Also included is a water-proof fringed picnic blanket to keep the picnic dry during these cooler months!  Featuring our signature Kuparr in Pink, the basket is also lined with our beautiful print, adding to the insulation of the basket, yet keeping it lightweight.  A must have!  

Click here's the link for early access...

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2.  Eco-Friendly Bamboo Utensils

Committed to using ethically sourced and environmentally sound materials, we will soon be offering Eco Friendly Bamboo Utensils in three Skova designs.  Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of our on-the-go bamboo cutlery set in a stylish roll-up holder, making it easy to take with you anywhere!  Eat or sip feeling good about your commitment to waste less! 

3.  Picnic Travel Rug

Update your picnic arsenal with our travel picnic rug.  Easy to pack, lightweight, water-resistant, and sand pops right off with a few shakes...not to mention available in three stylish designs! 

4.  Naturally Derived Plant-Based bug repellant - BUZZ OFF!

Who doesn't love an outdoor picnic?  Keep it bug-free with 100% naturally derived, plant-based ingredients and this simple recipe.

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