Top 10 Ideas for the Ultimate Picnic

Picnic season may not be here yet for some in certain climates, but our Skova tribe is global, and it’s picnic time somewhere! So, whether you’re heading to the beach in the near future, planning a trip to one, embarking on a hike, or heading to the park, we created this list of picnic essentials to make your day perfect:

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1. Skova Picnic Rug: your picnic rug will become an irreplaceable outdoor accessory. The picnic rugs have designs uniquely original to Skova, inspired by Michaela’s world travel. There is space for friends — our rugs accommodate two to four people. Ultra light weight makes for easy transport; our picnic rugs can be rolled up and carried easily in your tote. A waterproof base keeps you dry…this rug is ultra absorbent — it can soak up over one liter of water!
2. Skova pillows: a perfect partner to your Skova picnic rug. Rich textile inspired, our pillows are designed with graphic prints original to Skova. Our pillows can take a relaxing picnic day to another comfort level!
3. Insulated tote/cooler bag: keeping your food fresh and clean is key to enjoying your picnic. But, we recommend ditching the big box cooler for an insulated tote. Simply pack it, and strap it onto your shoulder, and go!
4. Sunscreen: dining outdoors is a great opportunity to enjoy warm breezes and sunny views, but all that outside time can catch up with your skin. Make your picnic one to remember for the fun, not the sunburns, by packing sunscreen. While lunching under an umbrella or tree can reduce the impact of UV rays, skin damage is possible in the shade.
We love our local neighbors in Encinitas, CA. SunBum. We suggest the day tripper for your next picnic adventure!
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5. Baby wipes: Even if you’re not toting kids to the park, baby wipes are a perfect picnic companion. While hand sanitizer also kills off bacteria, wet wipes can remove dirt and stains, cleaning up better before—and after—you’ve eaten. 
6. Insect repellent: a day in the park can help you meet new pesky friends: bugs! If you want to avoid harsh chemicals in commercially produced bug spray, a great option are essential oils — specifically, lemon and eucalyptus. Many stores offer options in the form of wipes, as well. 
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7. Beverages: while a large pitcher of sweet tea or sangria seems like an easy way to share drinks, bottled beverages are a better option. Small bottled drinks eliminate the need for individual cups—one less thing to pack and wash later. If chilled, bottles act as extra icepacks to keep heat-sensitive foods cool, and unlike pitchers, are less likely to leak.
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We recommend Corkcicle to keep your beverages cool. 
8. Bottle opener and a corkscrew: not much explanation needed here! Keep from resorting to desperate measures by remembering to pack a bottle opener for those bottles with pry-off lids. Check out these bottle openers from Rock Paradiseon Etsy.
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9. Eco-friendly utensils: why use disposable plastic cutlery when there are wooden biodegradable ones? You can find them in stores and online — look for brands like Izzy’s and Madera. 
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10. Food! Certainly not #10 in order of priority on the list, because without food, there isn’t a picnic! We suggest an unpack-at-the-picnic-spot charcuterie. Pack an assortment of gourmet cheeses, meats, along with fruits and nuts, spreads, and olives for a rich variety of tastes and textures. Store the ingredients in small recycled plastic containers, pop off the lid, and voila! Enjoy! 
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