As a little girl, I fled Soviet Czechoslovakia with my mother to find a better life. We immigrated to California, with no place to call home…

The life of a refugee is not an easy one. It was hard to secure an apartment & even harder to find a job. For a while, we lived in a van, always moving from place to place. Seeking an escape from the chaos & uncertainty around me, I spent most of my time on the beach. There, I found comfort – curling up in my favorite blanket, listening to the soothing waves & sketching the San Diego seascape.

Today, I endeavor to share that same feeling of serenity with SKOVA – my collection of outdoor living essentials, inspired by my own personal journey. Each design is hand-drawn, & every piece is hand-packed by my mother – before it finds its way to you.

As I retrace the path that led me here… I remember our vast voyage across the world & see how deeply it shaped my life… It piqued my curiosity for places far, far away… Ultimately creating my insatiable wanderlust & sense of adventure… Most of all, it gave me the drive to build something of my own & the desire work hard for it every day.

Artfully made. Ethically sourced… I hope you find refuge in SKOVA.