SKOVA is born from a personal journey of resilience, transformation, and inspiration. Escaping persecution in Soviet Czechoslovakia, the founder Misha Skova and her mother sought a brighter future in California, facing the challenges of starting anew.

Amidst the uncertainty of life as refugees, the founder discovered solace on the beach, encapsulated in the soothing sounds of waves crashing against the shore. This experience laid the foundation for SKOVA – a collection of outdoor living essentials inspired by personal experiences.

Each SKOVA design is meticulously hand-drawn and infused with passion, reflecting a commitment to artistic craftsmanship and ethical sourcing. SKOVA offers more than products; it offers a refuge for those seeking solace and inspiration.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of SKOVA, where every piece is carefully crafted to bring tranquility and comfort to your outdoor experiences. 

Artfully made. Ethically sourced… I hope you find unique style, comfort and adventure in SKOVA.