Congratulations, you have just purchased your SKOVA accessory and we want you to have the best possible user experience. Choosing to ignore the recommended instructions is up to you but don’t say we never told you so. For the best care follow the instructions bellow.

Beach/Travel Towels

Use machine-wash cold with like colors on a gentle cycle. Avoid the use of bleach, and tumble dry on low to keep your towel soft and absorbent. If is possible wash your SKOVA Towel separately on delicate in cold water and then hang drying for best results.


Storage your jewelry in the original pouch. This are some of ours VALUABLE TIPS:

  • Don’t allow jewelry to come in contact with abrasive soaps, chemicals, perfumes, hair sprays and/or dyes.
  • Don’t expose your jewelry to prolonged periods of extreme temperatures or intense sunlight. (i.e. window sills, car dashboards)
  • Do remove jewelry before swimming in the ocean and/or a chlorinated pool. Do remove jewelry before using cleaning materials.
  • Do remove jewelry before engaging in exercise and/or sports to prevent scratching, denting or loss of stones.
  • Do remove jewelry before going to bed to avoid twisting, knotting and/or breakage.
  • Do remove jewelry when doing cleaning and/or gardening.

Shawls / Scarves / Bandanas

We recommend dry cleaning professional wash only. Do not use regular bath or laundry soap for washing silk because the alkaline will damage the fabric. Use the original box or pouch for storage. VALUABLE TIPS:

  • Apply make-up, lotions, and perfumes and allow them to dry completely before you put on your accessory.
  • Always store your accessory in a dry place.
  • Use non-acid tissue paper to soften the folds of a accessory and prevent severe creases which can break fibers.