Create the Ultimate Picnic with These MUST HAVE Picnic Necessities


The sun is out and picnic season is upon us! We have created a master list of picnic-time essentials to ensure you have everything you need, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Make sure to read the whole list, as there is a surprise for YOU at the end!! 

1.  Water Resistant Picnic Rug 

A solid foundation is essential for any picnic! The days of beach towels and old sheets are far gone, now that our travel picnic rugs are here! With a canvas top and water resistant base, our travel picnic rug offers not only a solid foundation, but a unique and fashionable design to create that space for your friends and family! 

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2. Insulated Bag / Cooler 

In order to keep all things cool and fresh for your picnic, a cooler is absolutely necessary! But lugging around a box full of ice can be quite the task, which is why IceMule Coolers is our go to cooler bag for all of our outdoor fun! This on-the-go-cooler is made for both comfort and convenience! Strap the cooler on your back and get exploring outdoors to find your ultimate picnic spot! 

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3. Refreshing Beverages 

Who doesn't love a good Iced Tea on a hot summer day? Our friends from SipsBy carefully curates each tea blend specific to the person. Imagine, relaxing, laughing and sipping on your favorite tea overlooking the ocean or the treetops! 

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4. Eco Friendly Utensils 

It's time to ditch the plastic straws and join the revolution. HAY! straws, are made from natural wheat stems and are biodegradable. Each pack comes with 100 straws, so there will be more than enough for you and all your friends and family! 

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5. Sweet Treats 

After all the cheese, fruit and bread is gone, it's time for the sweet treats to take over! Have you ever tried a non-dairy ice cream that tastes like real ice cream!? Finally, Cado Avocado Ice Cream, made from healthy avocados, is the first non-dairy ice cream that is healthy for you too!! Thanks to Zoku, and their insulated to-go gear, you are now able to bring your ice cream with you! Now that is pretty sweet!! 


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Add in a bluetooth speaker, a trash bag and some of your favorite games and you have yourself the ULTIMATE Picnic set up for you and your friends/ loved ones! Lucky for YOU, we are hosting an incredible summer giveaway with all of these brands! Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date and for a chance to win BIG from all of these brands mentioned above! 

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