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Bohemian Wanderlust, Taking Chances, and Exploration

The ethos of Michaela Moryskova is one of wanderlust, discovery and serenity. Seeds of that wanderlust were planted following emigration as a refugee from former Communist Czechoslovakia. She’s spent time living and working around the world, and Michaela’s lifestyle today continues to represent the earliest parts of her life story. One of her many blessings in life has been to work as a model; this allowed her to live in several locations around the world. It was during her time living in Cape Town, South Africa that she learned the practice of yoga, which inspired Michaela to create the yoga brand, La Vie Boheme Yoga with friend Yvette Charlton. Both Michaela and Yvette channel their love of yoga and travel into La Vie Boheme’s yoga mat, apparel and accessories design.

Transitioning from a model to an entrepreneur has brought her many blessings and rewards, although she admits to having experienced a few failures along the way. But Michaela’s ability to reframe her perspective on “failure” into seeing them as lessons keeps her motivated and encourages her to try new things. A new enterprise of Moryskova’s which may surprise many people is her new company, Drip Restoration, formed earlier this year with good friend, Rebecca Howard of Acme Flood in San Diego. Her first foray into the restoration field, and vastly different from fashion, she believes she could not pass up the opportunity to explore this venture with her friend who’s been in the restoration and remediation business for several years.

Her desire to discover new places, cultures and experiences is Michaela’s inspiration for her accessories brand, Skova Design, which have a “have a cultural, authentic feel” Moryskova says. Skova’s collections feature jewelry, silk wraps, yoga mats, and beach towels. The company’s 2017 collection, the Cappadocia Collection, incorporates colors from and is inspired by all she soaked up while in Cappadocia, Turkey. Skova’s 2018 collection,The Amalfi Collection, is inspired by her adventures on Italy’s Amalfi Coast. Think brilliant azure sky, cobalt-blue sea, delicately pebbled beaches.

The most notable quality about her and her companies is that Michaela Moryskova wants to make women feel beautiful and confident in all parts of their lives — in health, spirituality and emotionally. She also wants women to know it’s okay to keep learning, to continue exploring concepts, places, and trying new ideas. She says, “If a women wants to pursue any industry they desire to be apart of they need to do so with passion, hard work, the ability to focus and never give up. With all of this positive energy you are bound for success.” Always ready to learn, Michaela’s thirst for knowledge has not waned — it has never stopped to this day.

Written by Beth Landry

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