Mother's Day Is Universal

Mother’s Day is a universal day for appreciating our moms. With so much advertising around Mother’s Day, the meaning can get lost. It’s not just about cards, flowers, and brunch. Marketing campaigns tell us what Mother’s Day is about when it’s a highly personal day.

On this day every year, sometimes we become that little child again, excited to give Mom her potted plant, or the plaster hand print we made and painted -- remember Kindergarten? Then if we become a mother, sometimes the day takes on new meaning. It can be an important day – our priorities shifted; our bodies transformed. If our children are old enough, what about when WE received that plaster hand print? Amazing -- such joy!

Our moms are goddesses, deserving of love, and recognition. So, to celebrate our moms or a special woman in your life, SKOVA has four gift bundles available! Each package comes with a Skova card, blank on the inside for you to personalize.  





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