SKOVA'S Top beach Towel and Picnic Picks For Summer!

We're ready for summer fun! How about you? Beach picnics, pool time -- SKOVA has your back with these boho-glam travel towels and picnic rugs! Inspired by our world travels, all of our towels and picnic rug designs are portable pieces of art to take with you on your next adventure. All of our Travel Towels and Picnic Rugs roll up and are lightweight for easy packing and travel. 
Capri Resort Towel: This is a go-to for poolside and surfside afternoons. The Capri Resort Towel's pattern is inspired by the Amalfi Coast's fragrant sun-kissed lemon groves. Made of luxury-grade microfiber, this thirsty towel has a hanging loop, white cotton fringe, and is made of 100% organic cotton. Rolls up in a snap, dries in half the time of a regular towel, and weighs one pound -- fits into your bag!
Joshua tree, Joshua tree house-travel towel-blanket-beach-oversized beach towel
Peach Turkish Travel Towel: Inspired by Cappadocia's desert moonscape and the brilliantly colored Göreme rugs. Multi-colored with shades of glowing ambers and  refreshing indigos, this towel is a piece of an exotic Turkish culture that travels with you! Oversized with room for two, it's perfect for picnics, beaches, pools, and yoga. Made of 100% organic cotton and adorned with a black cotton fringe. Luxury cotton microfiber means this dries in half the time of regular towels.  
Temara Round Towel: Inspired by the Moroccan beachside town of Temara, this is an oversized round beauty! Shades of cerulean blue and indigo reminiscent of Temara's brilliant Atlantic beaches will turn heads wherever you go! Made with luxurious 100% organic cotton microfiber, this towel dries in half the time of average towels. Edged with black cotton fringe. Rolls up easily and lightweight for easy carrying. 
Amber Turkish Travel Towel: Show your style and stand out from the average pool and beach-goers! Glowing ambers, maroons and reds in this intricate pattern are inspired by Göreme Turkish rugs. Made of 100% organic cotton, this luxury microfiber towel dries in half the time of average towels. Rolls up easily -- it's compact and lightweight for travel. Measures 150 cm x 150 cm. 
Souki Picnic Rug: Souki's intricate and colorful design is inspired by Morocco's fabled, dynamic city of Casablanca. This oversized picnic rug travels with you wherever you go - rolls up easily and dries fast! Can be used on any surface -- ideal for use on wet grass or sand. A 100% organic cotton canvas base is water-resistant base helps keep picnic-goers dry and makes cleanup easy. Oversized -  room for 2-4 people - perfect for home, beach, park and yoga. 

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