Magic Gypsy Wagon Experience

Joshua Tree is a place with magical energy that you feel the moment you open your eyes; and in every direction, have an incredible view. This is definitely a place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy what truly matters, nature's majestic beauty.

Our experience at the Gypsy Wagon was nothing short of amazing. Being able to glance up at the night sky and see the glistening of millions of tiny stars and hearing the escape of each breath we took was absolutely awe-inspiring. So often, we tend to view these things as insignificant, usually ignoring them completely as we continue about our busy lifestyles, distracted by the so-called conveniences of technological advancements. Losing yourself in all the immaculate enormity of mother nature is something everyone should experience and we count our blessings for having been given the opportunity.

Spread across a 5-acre lot, the Gypsy Wagon is located 10 minutes from Joshua Tree National Park (by the Indian Cove entrance).

Is an amazing opportunity for local vintage shopping also and eat amazing food in the wonderful locals restaurants.

Visit this amazing place and share your experience with us!

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