11 Positive Habits For Your Life

2018 just started and this is a moment to reflect how life is going.... Right?

We would love to share 11 Habits that will help you be more successful and in 2018!

1- Make time for yourself

This is the first and most crucial step to be successful. You will never be happy if you don’t make time to enjoy yourself. This will help you have more passion for your work or goals. 

2- Challenge yourself

To keep you motivation, you will need to challenge yourself every day. Don't be bored or boring... this all depends on how you re-direct your way of thinking. 

3- Educate yourself

Keep learning, read a new book, start a new class, look for new things to learn every day. The world is changing fast by the minute.

4- Understand guilt, acknowledge it and move on.

It is ok to make mistakes or even failures, it’s important to learn from them.

5- Healthy doesn’t always mean just going to the gym

Take care of your mind, pay attention on what you eat ( your body is your temple.. inside and out) and the most important: BE YOURSELF and have fun!

6- Be financially savvy

$$$$$, stop spending money in thing’s that you don’t need! Before buying something new, ask yourself if you really need it. And if you do purchase something, donate or giveaway something in return. You don't want to be cluttered with things, at the same time you are doing something nice for someone less fortunate. 

7- SMILE  Showing off your pearly whites will get the attention of so many people and it will make you look less stuck up and approachable. People will come to you and you will feel so empowered!

8- Step away from your job and have a life outside the workplace.

Enjoy traveling, music, fun adventures, being active, even calming the mind with meditation and yoga.  You will thank yourself later! 

9- Set yourself goals and methods to track them

Make a vision board in the beginning of the year. This will help you see where you are and where you want to be!

10- Celebrate accomplishments, both big and smalls

Be proud of yourself. You are a rockstar and don't ever let anyone tell you not!

11- Help others!

 Sign up for some charity work, pack lunches for the homeless, volenteer near you local retirement community, create a non profit that you believe in, you can do so much!  This will be good for your soul too.

Let’s start 2018 with the best positive vibe's and passion in all you want to do for the Year!

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Lots of love


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