DIY (Do It Yourself) Holiday Flower Crown

Make any boho outfit, wedding, Christmas party or typical day amazing with a simple DIY flower crown. Assembly is super easy and fun! Your crown will help your style flourish!

Flower crowns can be made with real or fake flowers. Fresh crown will only last for one day (maybe two if you keep it in the fridge), so it's a good idea to make it on the day you plan to wear it. But if you use artificial flowers, you can wear it multiple times. We flower shop in the same day that we planned to make our flower crown in a small shop in San Diego (we love local business). I will be nice to pic diverse kinds of flowers and greenery (you can use the extra flower for make some arrangements).



- floral wire 

- floral tape 

- floral wire cutters 

- greenery 

- flowers 


  1. Take a piece of floral wire and form it into a circular shape. Rest it atop your head to see how long you need the wire to be to form a loose crown around your head. 
  2. Wrap your wire in floral tape. 
  3. Take the flowers and cut all the stems to 2-3″ in length. 
  4. Start your crown with a layer of pretty greenery that covers the wire, which will act as the base of your crown. Once you have your greenery, you’ll tape it to the crown with your floral tape. 
  5. Start to attach flowers to the crown (you can cut off excess stems with scissors or wire cutters), and, using floral tape, tape the stem to the crown. You’ll want to wrap the tape around the stem about four to five times to make sure it stays.  Make sure you are attaching the lowers face outward, always.
  6.  Attach the loss ends of your wire together to form your crown.


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