Early this November I was fortunate to be able to escape the cold weather at home for a weekend getaway with Skova beach towels in Mexico.

It was only four nights away, but definitely enough time to feel rejuvenated and soak up some sun. (and plenty of vitamin D!)

I left early on a Thursday morning, headed to the airport, and about five hours later landed in sunny Cancun! There’s really nothing quite like leaving the cold, and stepping out into 30 degrees (Celsius) weather, feeling the warm sun kiss your skin. It’s definitely one of my favorite parts of traveling to warm destinations!

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I checked into my hotel in Riviera Maya, immediately ordered some chips & guacamole, and then headed straight to the beach to enjoy the weather.

I was particularly excited to bring one of my new favorite towel brands with me, Skova. I love any sorts of bohemian style clothing and accessories, so when the brand reached out to me to collaborate on a blog post, I was definitely excited!

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The timing was also perfect for the weekend getaway, where I’d be able to try out the towels on the sunny beaches of Mexico.

All of Skova’s designs are original artwork inspired by travel. Each collection has elements and details from drawn from different cultures around the world. The collection you see is this blog post is the Cappadocia collection, inspired by Turkey.

The collection was inspired by the beautiful Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the magical city of Cappadocia, and the beautiful culture of Turkey itself. The collection has an ethnic and whimsical feel to it that you can see through the exciting and intricate patterns.

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I always get really excited about companies that have a story to them. Being a traveler, and exploring the world, I know how much meaning there is behind immersing yourself in a Country’s culture, and absorbing as much knowledge as you can. It really does open your mind and give you a more peaceful outlook on life!

I loved how easy it was to pack my Skova towels with me for the trip, they roll up to be pretty compact, perfect to pack in your suitcase for a vacation!


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