The Jet-Setting Staple All Stylish Women Need

Original designs from Skova, such as printed beach blankets and bohemian towels, are created to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Mediterranean. The plush, oversize towel-blankets are the ultimate winter essential, whether you’re heading to a picnic, entertaining at home, or bringing it along to the pool or beach. Find out more about the story behind these vibrant picnic rugs and conversation pieces in addition to the locations that inspired them.

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                                   Artisan Marketplaces



The well-heeled bohemian traveler knows the gems that can be found in distant marketplaces. Everything from tiny trinkets to statement furniture with promises to inject your home with eclectic character. Inspired by the artisan traditions of fabric dyeing and carpet weaving of Goreme in Eastern Turkey, the lush Skova round towels and picnic rugs, showcase vivid and intricate patterns, allowing you to bring a little exotic flair to your life.

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                                       Ancient Landscapes



Picture the Taurus Mountains of Turkey and the sculptures of the Roman Empire. The Skova printed towels and bohemian picnic blankets pay homage to the rugged natural landscapes and ancient emblems of the region. Whether you’re lounging on the beach or taking in the view of the city from your rooftop, these large beach towels and blankets make for the perfect companion.
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                                            Sun-Drenched Hues



Ask any photographer and they’ll tell you the best thing about travel is experiencing the different types of sunlight around the world. Pulling from the color palette of Mediterranean evenings, our Skova beach blanket and picnic rug is rendered in vibrant reds, dusty pinks and rich ochre. We’ll take that over a stripe any day!


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