New Year, New Inspiration, New Collection...

With 2018 coming to an end, it is time to go out with a bang and take a peek at what new products we have in store for you here at SKOVA! This year, we were truly inspired by the unique beauty of the Amalfi Coastline. The vibrant colors found in this coastal Italian city can be found throughout all the towels in our “Amalfi Coast Collection.” Some of our favorites from this year are the Pink Lemonade Travel Towel, The Napoli Travel Towel,  and the Amalfi Travel Towels.
Moving into 2019, designer Michaela Moryskova, found her latest inspiration from her travels throughout Australia and Morocco! 
Western Australia is just one place that inspired this upcoming collection because it offers unique, remarkable landscapes. This utopia is called the Kimberley. This Western Australian gem is home to both coastal and outback terrains. Of course, the bohemian city of Byron Bay in Eastern Australia captivated Moryskova on her travels.
The pristine beaches and bohemian energy can be felt throughout the entire collection. The aboriginal culture also inspired the designer to incorporate elements of Aboriginal dot painting into some of the 2019 towels. Australia is home to some incredibly exotic and breathtaking places, and we are so thankful to have been so inspired by this gorgeous country and its culture. 
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Another country and culture that inspired SKOVA’s new collection is the marvelous country of Morocco! Elements from the Moroccan cities, Casablanca, Fes, and Marrakesh can be found throughout this new collection. Designer Moryskova was enamored with the country's appreciation for fine details. Throughout the entire country, intricate patterns can be found everywhere, especially in markets, restaurants and even local homes. Morocco is known for its array of colors and vibrancy. For this line, Moryskova was inspired by the softer, more muted tones to showcase the detail and fine line work the print deserves. 
We are so excited to officially launch our products by December 1, 2018!! So take some time and travel with us, to Australia and Morocco, where you can experience the beauty of these countries with our newest travel towels and picnic rugs! 
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