Skova Behind the Scenes - Golden Hour Autumn Celebration | 2020

It’s time for another behind the scenes peek! Recently, we celebrated the launch of our Fall/Winter 2020 collection with some fabulous, empowered women. We hosted a stylish picnic where we connected with some creative, influential souls. It was also an opportunity to do a photoshoot for our Fall campaign, The Golden Hour.
Skova picnic -picnic style- blanket towel
Since COVID-19 shut everyone down, we missed our creative community. This gathering was long overdue! We discovered we all need one another for inspiration and reassurance sometimes. 
As Skova grows, we’ve learned that amazing things happen when women support one another. When the fifteen of us gathered in Del Mar for our picnic, we made new friends and strengthened existing bonds. 
It’s time to be real with one another, acknowledge one another’s triumphs, and offer encouragement when another appears to be struggling. Cheering on another woman, sharing your experience, strength, or offering resources does not detract from our own good fortune. Sometimes giving a little bit means we might get one hundred-fold back. 
We are grateful to all of the beautiful women who came out and joined us on what was a gorgeous, Southern California day. We enjoyed exquisitely presented, delectable food, exchanged thoughts, ideas, and celebrated one another. 
If you want to create your own picnic like our Autumn Celebration, shop our picnic rugs and our blanket towels.
We want to send a shoutout to our sponsors, guests, and everyone who helped create this beautiful event. We love them, and we think you will, too. Please take some time to check out their Instagram profiles and businesses. 


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