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 It's time for another behind the scenes peek! Continuing our Fall/Winter 2020 Golden Hour campaign, we set up a tribute to glamping. This stylish event connected nature and glamour to create a heavenly scene. 


Glamping entails nature meeting luxury. It's all about creating a mix of elegance and natural landscape. We set the scene with the Souki Picnic Rug as a focal point. To tie everything together, we added gourmet grazing boards, a Good Vibes Blanket Towel, and select items from the Golden Hour collection. 


Stepping off of the beaten path is an authentic way to connect with nature. It takes a little bit of extra planning and packing to create a memorable scene, but picture-perfect times like these are irreplaceable. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make this photo shoot a success —


Jodie Alonso, PR Manager extraordinaire, for loaning us her VW Van

Dominique Labrecque, our talented photographer

Frost Me Cafe & Bakery, for the delectable food and beverages



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frost me cafe- frostme cafe- Little Italy-picnic rug
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