How To Infuse Your Home With Wanderlust Vibes


Much like your wardrobe, your home deserves a seasonal refresh. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn't require a full home makeover and a monstrous budget. Simply swapping out inexpensive accessories for travel-inspired finds can breathe new life into your home for the summer season. Allow us to demonstrate a few quick and easy ways to create the perfect jet-setting sanctuary.


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A neutral couch lends itself to easy styling. Plush textures like velvet and shag create a luxe nook, particularly when nestled next to books and a soft blanket. While inviting in the winter, this set up doesn't lend itself to the hot summer months. Here's what you should trade out:

  1. Store the plush blanket and fuzzy pillows for next season.
  2. Stash books and games which are more appropriate for a long evening by the fire.

Instead, replace these pieces with the following:

  1. Incorporate potted plants—we're partial to succulents as they don't require a lot of maintenance—in clusters to bring the outdoors, inside.
  2. Display travel trinkets like a tray or patterned box to organize things like remote controls and matches.
  3. Incorporate pillows in lightweight textures with exotic embellishments like embroidery or tassels.
  4. Drape a brightly colored beach blanket over the corner of the sofa to infuse the space with personality.

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For the vibrant home, incorporate pops of saturated reds and yellows, accented with graphic and geometric print accessories.


SKOVA (Turkish Travel Towel) 

Box of Style



Tassel Pillow Cover




Succulent with Pot

Costa Farms



Black and White Keepsake Box

Handicrafts Home




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