SKOVA offers generous wholesale products and pricing. If you think our products would be a perfect fit for your store, please fill out the form below! We have exquisite items including travel towels (even round ones!), water-resistant picnic rugs, organic candles, metal eco straws, and more!

 For any inquiries or additional wholesale information please contact us at or call 1(833) 699-1900

 Our Wholesale Partners Include:

Julie's Beachwear

Lingerie Paradise

The LALA Look

Huxley & Harper

The Beach Company

Pebble Beach Company

Xandras's Swimwear

Maui Clothing

Beach House

Studio 1220

Diane's Beachwear 

Rincon Design

Lemon Danville

Blackbook Bikini

Jacks Rabbit

Goin Left

Zen Island 

Thieves Like Us 

Driftwood & Linen 

Glow Tanning Spa 

Diamond Head Beach House 

Bijin Salon & Spa 

Cindy's Swimwear