Imani Travel Towel - SKOVA

Imani Travel Towel

So excited to announce that our Imani and Havan large beach towels were featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 2019 with Camila Cohelo! 

Inspired by the fierce, fast and ferocious feline, the Imani Travel Towel is a large beach towel that features a gorgeous cheetah print, bordered with black, white and a bold red floral design. The designer was enamored with this graceful predator while traveling throughout Africa, so she created these stunning, large beach towels with versatility in mind.

The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world reaching speeds up to 70mph!! Embrace your wild side and stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trend with your new Imani Travel Towel!! These large beach towels are perfect to take with you to the beach, pool, or on your next trip abroad.

SKOVA is a luxury fashion accessories line created by Michaela Moryskova. We have a range of large beach towels, resort towels, beach blankets, jewelry, and pillows for jet-setting babes. If you travel a lot but always want to look chic, SKOVA travel towels are for you. Each piece is masterfully crafted and hand-designed.

-150x150 cm

- 100% cotton, black Fringe

1.3 lbs

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