Wild and Beautiful Adventure in Western Australia

September 02, 2017

Wild and Beautiful Adventure in Western Australia

Although jet lagged, Skova girl is feeling ever-refreshed from her last sojourn on the Amalfi Coast. For her next expedition, our Skova girl sets herself on a luxurious Australian tour. She starts in the coastal city of Perth, she then jets off to Broome, confidently sipping bubbly, knowing that this foray will enkindle the fire of her imagination. From Broome, she will progress to Kununurra, on the eastern edge of the Kimberleys. And finally, from Kununurra she’s whisked via helicopter to the luxurious Homestead resort on El Questro’s Wilderness Park. Our ever-so- chic Skova girl is a rose among the bushes, pulling attention to herself thanks in part to her carefully curated and inspired designs — lounging beachside in Perth, boarding a plane, or hiking alongside a gorge in the Australian Outback — thanks to her modern, yet bohemian style.

The luxurious Homestead at El Questro, Luxury Travel’s Best Eco Property Gold List Winner of 2017, serves as our girl’s home base. El Questro sits in a vast, untamed landscape and is centrally located for all manner of wilderness exploration. Our Skova girl begins her mornings with a run along an Outback trail, breakfast on the veranda, soaking in sweeping views of the Chamberlain Gorge. It is at this point in her day where she meditates, finding inspiration for her designs. Each Skova piece is not merely put together, it is birthed into existence. They are conceived from the essence of natural wonder and nurtured in our Skova girl’s flowering mind. Chamberlain Gorge is the perfect site for her collection. Cantilevered over a gorge in the Ord River Valley, The Homestead offers luxury accommodations and adventures such as helicopter tours soaring over graceful waterfalls that deliver guests to picnic spots alongside the river, these Eco tours offer unparalleled access and experience that no visitor will ever forget.

Now fully inspired, Skova girl is at the genesis of her creation process. Drawing from her previous meditations, Skova girl garners warm and soft color schemes to mimic the natural landscape; cool-tones grays contrasted against red-gold hues of the desert. Skova wraps are never more than one degree removed from nature. Even when our alluring adventurer is hiking along Emma Gorge, stopping to immerse herself in pure water, then moving onto the riverbank wrapped in nothing but her jewel-toned Skova beach towel, our girl allows herself to be embraced by the sparkling rays of the sun, her skin glistening and lustrous. Skova accessories incorporate nature’s esthetic with elegance; silver and gold jewelry transition our girl fromexploring wonder’s of ancient Boab trees to Homestead’s exquisite dining under the stars. Embracing her Outback adventure and on her way home, what’s next for our Skova girl?

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