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Super Cute Beach Towels for the Summer!

It’s beach season. Get a towel that will make your happy place even happier.

A good beach towel is arguably the most underappreciated summer essential.

Think of how miserable it would be to spend a day at the beach without one: sand would get into places you didn’t know existed, and when you attempt to wash it off in the water, you have to stand for 20 minutes drip drying before you can sit anywhere again.

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There would be nowhere to set your bag, your sweaty water bottle would be covered in sand, and you’d have no soft place to lay down and get your tan on.

Don’t take yours for granted. Make it easy on yourself and get one (or more) of the amazing styles that are offered this season.

The beach isn’t the only place to bring these beauties, though. Take them poolside, so you can avoid using the dreaded communal hotel or resort towels that offer no comfort (and just aren’t as cute).

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Or pack them on your next trip to the park and use them as a picnic blanket. If you are going house boating, sailing, canoeing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, or anything on the water, a great towel is key.

With so many options, you won’t have difficulty finding a cute beach towel that suits you. There are all kinds of shapes, colors, textures, and details to choose from. Read on for our favorites.......KATIE FISH- Travel & Leisure.

Skova 'The Beverly' Travel Towel

Here's a beach towel that's pretty enough to double as a stylish wrap. 

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To buy:, $58

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