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A picture is indeed worth a thousand words, and the colorful prints of Skova Scarves have quite the back story. A lifetime’s worth, to be exact.

The scarves are the creations of Michaela Moryskova, who began her artistic career at a very young age in Brno, Czech Republic, where she was born. During the communist years, with Michaela in her arms, her mother fled then-called Czechoslovakia, leaving her family, her heritage and her home to make a better life for her daughter.

After completing her schooling, Moryskova moved to Barcelona, Spain, where she traveled to Milan, Paris, London, and Tokyo as a runway model. She ultimately relocated to Cape Town, South Africa, to model and was strongly influenced by African culture and beauty. Traveling to Swaziland, she started shooting photographs while on safari, later spending time in Zimbabwe and Botswana working on fashion-funded AIDS relief efforts. Additionally, Moyskova is personally involved in the creation and expansion of two world orphanages.

These far-flung global life experiences all factor strongly into her scarf designs and jewelry she creates.

The Bohemia scarf collection, for example, is inspired by the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, birthplace of Moryskova and the artist Alponse Mucha. This Collection evokes the elegant art Nouveau style of Mucha, as well as recreating elements of the inspired lifestyle of turn of the century Paris.

“SKOVA is my creative outlet, allowing me to recapture Art Nouveau’s glorious moment during the early 1900’s,” says Moryskova, who mixes modern flair to update each original print design within this ultimate scarf collection.

All SKOVA shawls and scarves are 100% organic cotton and silk.

Retails range from from $48 to $185.

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