Hotel San San Cristobal

Have you ever traveled to a place and never wanted to leave? That is how I felt while traveling to Todos Santos, and staying at Hotel San Cristobal. From the design of the hotel, the surrounding areas, and the inspiration found around ever corner, I could have easily stayed for a few weeks. 


 Each morning, we woke to the refreshing and renewing smell of Palo Santo, Spanish for “holy wood”. We enjoyed our healthy and organic meals each morning, alongside homemade coffee and tea. 
There are 32 rooms on the property, each offering an eclectic but modern atmosphere. Every room offers stunning views of the property, mountains or the beach. San Cristobal is passionate about making every stay, memorable and meaningful. This was a photo was taken from my room! Waking up to the sound of the waves was something I could definitely get used to. 
The hotel itself offers a variety of activities for visitors to fully immerse in the culture and community of Todos Santos. One activity I made sure to take part in was the rooftop yoga. With stunning views of the surrounding cities, Todos Santos and Punta Lobos along with the infinite horizon of the sea,  this yoga session was one of the most serene and grounding flows I have done while traveling. 
Hotel San Cristobal even has a chapel on site, where many couples decide to get married after spending a few days in paradise. 

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The surrounding areas offered lots to explore and experience as well. The hotel itself is secluded and off the beaten path. It is about 10 minutes away from the main city, and offers a low profile  environment for those who are seeking to simply escape. 


There are multiple historic ruins that are in walking distance to the hotel. Which can easily turn into a full day of hiking and history. 

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Beautiful architecture and interior design inspires me. I am drawn to clean aesthetics and eclectic interior design, and this hotel was beyond beautiful. 
The stark white walls and natural lighting makes this hotel a photographers paradise. I love creating beautiful and captivating art in a place like this. 


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My Verandah dress was the perfect outfit for the casual couture vibe San Cristobal offers. Feeling comfortable and beautiful, I was ready for whatever the day had in store. Every outfit I packed, I made sure I was comfortable. I am all about being fashionable and making a statement, but when traveling, it is also very important to be practical and ready for any type of adventure! 


 ( picture of poolside with the travel towel. ) 

The cycles of the days and seasons, the sunrises, sunsets and tides, and the majesty of the night sky are the greatest amenities the hotel has to offer.


Most evenings, you could find me relaxing by the pool with a cocktail or joint in hand, watching the gorgeous sun set right in front of me. Of course, my Skova travel towel was used to both dry me off after a day at the beach and to keep me warm once the sun set. This towel is the best travel accessory, transitioning from a plush towel to blanket. 

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The history of the hotel and the surrounding city of Todos Santos was very interesting to me. In memory of St. Christopher, patron of traveler, surfers and protector of long journeys, Hotel San Cristobal, is a travelers paradise. This beachside property serves more than one purpose. In the early mornings, once can find local fisherman launching their small panga boats preparing for a long day of catching and harvesting. Gray and Humpback whales can also be found migrating in the surrounding waters, as well as 150 different types of birds that call this space, home. 


The first historical record of Todos Santos was noted in 1723 when the Spanish mission was established. The town was granted a patron saint, who was named, Nuestra Señora Del Pilar De La Paz. Every year on October 12th, the town celebrates their patron with a feast and other community activities. Known for its bountiful fishing, Todos Santos was also a main producer of sugar cane in the early 19th century, which has now transformed a rich farmland of avocados, chilis, papayas, and basil.  





 When I first arrived to Todos Santos, I had no idea I would be walking into paradise. But after a few days in Hotel San Cristobal, I saw why people never want to leave this sleepy, artistic town full of inspiration and natural beauty. 

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