Happy Earth Day 2018!

Happy Earth Day 2018! First celebrated in 1970, Earth Day takes place worldwide on April 22. People around the world come together to celebrate the planet and to be pro-active on how we cal all help this world. 

Annmarie Torrez, our local friend, is a person who cares about the environment and always looks for ways to help our mother earth.

Today she is sharing three simple ways of improving the world daily.✌🌺

Skova Tribe Earth day

1. Support Local / Local Farming: So wherever you live or travel to, there’s a good chance that a patch of land exists somewhere around you that is used for local (+ hopefully organic) farming. Most local farms have things like “community volunteer” days where you dedicate a few hours to helping out around the farm and receive some of the harvests when you are done. Things like vegetables, eggs, herbs, etc all for just connecting with your community and catching some sun. Awesome right? If your traveling and don’t have time to get your hands dirty, try making a meal or have a picnic with local produce. You could also research which restaurants/cafes that support local farmers & artisans. There are so many ways to support locals, do your research on what’s around you or where you’re visiting and how you can get involved.

2. Reef Safe Sunscreen: There are many different lenses around the topic of sunscreen but the main thing is that you read the ingredients. Oxybenzone is the main component in most commonly used sunscreens that are causing the most damage to our reefs + ecosystem. There’s a great article about this from blogger @ElanaLoo here ↠ https://www.elanaloo.com/reef-safe-sunscreen/. Most organic mineral based sunscreens do the trick!

3. Reduce + Reuse: Anything that can fit in your bag or carry-on to limit waste, bring with you! Items such as reusable water bottles/ cups/ mugs (@hydroflask), utensils (@togoware), stainless steel/glass straws, canvas shopping bags etc... are all great things to have and use. Reusable items help to limit waste as much as possible (especially while traveling) and be sure to please always recycle responsibly.

We hope you find these simple tips + tricks useful! 🌿🌏💕

Mucho Aloha,
Am + Skova Team

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