Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse Spiritual Meaning.

Its our second full moon of the month is a “Blue Moon”, a Super Moon and a total Lunar Eclipse.

 The eclipse will be most visible in Hawaii however the west coast of the US may be able to see a bit of it.

There is fire and determination in this powerful moon. It is best to do something physically active and moving centered during this time. Use your action to represent your desires and intentions. Stay away from toxic people, arguments, heated discussions that don’t go anywhere, and your own fruitless worries and obsessions.

Bring in the element of emotional healing through music and other creative expression. Express love and gratitude and make sure to do whatever it takes to keep your frequency high and to stay away from any negativity. An eclipse always opens up a more powerful portal and initiates change. Use this energy to fuel changes that you want and be ready to jump into action when they happen. Wait for right timing and allow for things to unfold instead of effecting at them. This is a powerful, wonderful and exciting time. Use it well.

supermoon, leo,LUNAR ECLIPSE AT 11º LEO


Occurring at 11º of fiery Leo, between approximately 2:45 AM PST / 5:45 AM EST, and 6:07 PST / 9:07 EST (peaking at 5:29 AM PST / 8:29 AM EST) this incredible event is just 3º from the North Node. All eclipses sit somewhere close to the nodal axis, but this one is exceptional.

The North Node is a pivotal point in space which symbolizes our collective destiny, the future we are all headed for. It’s our guiding light, our highest potential. And this eclipse is leading the way.

But first, as is the case with all lunar eclipses, we must face our collective shadow.

Eclipses occur when the shadow (umbra) of the Earth falls across the face of the Moon, turning it a blood red color (hence its other name – blood moon). What we see, for those few moments, is the darkness that we share, in its most literal sense. Emotionally, this is an invitation to each of us, to face our shadow, to look straight into those unfavorable parts of ourselves that we normally disown or try to ignore, and accept them as ours. Not yours, or mine but ours – we’re all in this boat of life together!

Events of this magnitude are inherently unifying (unlike solar eclipses, lunar eclipses can be seen anywhere across the globe, where the Moon is above the horizon) and we’re reminded here that unified is how we’ll heal what needs to be healed on our planet.

supermoon, leo, bluemoon, bloodmoon


Change can be difficult.

Sudden change can be destabilizing, and eclipses are known to bring exactly this. (How many of you have already experienced radical shifts since the start of this year?!)

But Leo is big, bold, and full of courage. It contains the warmth of the Sun and the playfulness of a child, so this Full Moon gives us an incredible platform on which to stand, to step forward into our strongest, most sovereign selves.

You may not be able to control the world around you, but you can control how you react to it, and this fiery energy works best when it comes directly from the heart. So practice feeling into what this means for you, over this incredible lunation.

Live, breath, speak and sing from your heart.

travel towel, skova, joshuatree


Because of the very close alignment of this Full Moon with the North Node (within three degrees) what you do on a personal level is powerfully feeding into how the collective is evolving at this time.

Leo is fueled by play, exploration, creativity and the pleasure of being seen. So ask yourself –

  • How much fun do you have?
  • How much pleasure do you seek?
  • How much laughter do you share?
  • Are these things priorities for you?
  • Do you make the time to socialize, to put down the weight of work and responsibilities, and return to a childlike state of wonder and enjoyment?

Perhaps it is time!


A while back, I heard the channel Bashar speaking on evolution and ascension. The crux of his point was that the more fun we have, the more we relax and have fun with life, the faster we grow and change and the further we will get on our journeys. Because enjoyment, in its pure, honest form, equates to alignment.

This is the lesson of Leo, and especially of this Full Supermoon in Leo – lighten up, celebrate, enjoy and harvest the fruits of your labours!

Enjoy your cyclic existence, enjoy your friends and family and shower them in gratitude and love and laughter because the more you do this, the more it will seep out into the collective and become everybody’s state of normal.

You weren’t put here to struggle!

You are here to be challenged and to grow, but above all we are all here to experience the kind of pleasure and delight that this Leo Lunar eclipse wants to bring, if you let it in!



San Diego Full Moon Hike tonight!

How are you planning to bring more love and laughter into your life?

Share with us below!

Eclipse blessings to you!


If you are in San Diego you can’t miss this amazing experience.

A great hike, a full moon, and meditation… the Full Moon Hike And Meditation at the Mission Trails Clairemont Mesa Trailhead sounds just like what the doctor ordered!

Grab your crew and join Lululemon, together with their ambassadors, Eugene Kim and Sophia Da Silva Hopson to check out the first blue moon and lunar eclipse in 150 years.

The night’s lineup includes a short hike around the park where you’ll get some wonderful views of the full moon.

Sophia Da Silva Hopson will then lead a 10-15 minute mindful meditation on the adventure.

Expect to spend about 45 minutes to an hour for each way of the hike. Stick around for a few more hours and you’ll have a spectacular view of the first blue moon total lunar eclipse to happen in 150 years!

Get ready to hike, San Diego! Bring some extra layers, a flashlight, water and some snacks —this is an adventure you don’t want to miss!

See you there!

Wed - January 31, 2018
6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Mission Trails Regional Park



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