(Pre-Order) Dream On Picnic Rug



The DREAM ON Picnic Rug is perfect for Men and Women. We have a limited run. Once it sells out... its gone. Grab yours before the Holidays, this stunning print makes a beautiful gift for someone you love. 

SKOVA oversized picnic rug for 2-5 people. Perfect for beach, pool, travel, meditation, home decor, or even yoga.  Each SKOVA picnic rug comes with its own vintage leather carrier, making it the ultimate travel accessory.

Enamored with Morocco's attention to design detail & 70's vibes, designer Misha Skova was inspired by the Moroccan city of Marrakech when designing this picnic rug. Misha Skova chose bold, rich colors to showcase the detail and fine line work the print deserves. This versatile picnic rug is ideal to use on any surface. A water-resistant bottom, sand proof, this picnic rug lightweight. It rolls up, and fits perfectly in its carrier. The Dream on Picnic Rug is adorned with cotton tassels  , a durable printed, two layer cotton canvas top and bottom. 


-164cm X 147cm


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