NEW! (Pre-Order) Good Vibes Travel Blanket-Towel with Vintage Leather - SKOVA

NEW! (Pre-Order) Good Vibes Travel Blanket-Towel with Vintage Leather Carrier

Pre- Order now before they sell out! We have limited quantity! 
Ship date June 15th 2020 

Inspired by the 1970’s our Spring/Summer 2020 Collection showcases a variety of designs that embody the era of individualism, women empowerment and self-expression. Our designs derive from the beauty found around the world, from the coast of California to the plains of Africa. Travel the world with us, and find the perfect design, made just for you.

Our 2020 collection introduces our new towel material, with a velvet-like texture on top and a soft, plush organic cotton base. Made with microfiber quick dry technology, our towels are lightweight and perfect for travel. Including a hanging loop to hang and

display your towel easily, our versatile designs are ideal for both beach and bedroom. Use your multi-purpose towel, as an accent throw or blanket.

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