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Kuparr Rose Travel Towel

Inspired by the indigenous Australian word, kuparr, meaning “burnt earth” the Kuparr Travel Towel embodies the essence of paradise and natural beauty. Red ochre can be found in parts of Western Australia. With beautiful pastel tones of pink, purples, blues the square Kuparr Travel Towel incorporates the idea of ancient Aboriginal dot work. These large beach towels represent both the Australian culture and natural beauty. Look at the fine dot work. What do you see?

We are grateful to visit and find inspiration in such a beautiful country. Australia. Shop our line of large beach towels and printed travel towels. We offer a selection of square towels, adorable round towel, beach blankets, and even picnic rugs.

•150x150 cm 

•100% cotton, Black Fringe 

•1.3 lbs

Original artwork By SKOVA LLC. Copyright Protected.


SKOVA is a luxury fashion accessories line with necklaces, scarves, and beach blankets. We aim to introduce beautifully crafted pieces inspired by travel for everyone to enjoy. Our large beach towels have been featured in Cosmopolitan. 

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