The Cara Kimono - SKOVA

The Cara Kimono


SKVOA’s kimonos are created with unique, original prints that go well with each collection. The material is a soft, silky rayon along with beautiful silks. The Kimonos are made to be versatile. They can be worn over swimsuits, casually over jeans and a tee and can even be dressed up for a night out with some heels! The Kimonos are one size fits all. 

The Cara Kimono was inspired by the Mediterranean jewel, the Amalfi Coast. This kimono showcases the delicate butterflies and colorful flowers one could encounter while wandering around the coastal gem of Amalfi. The red, black and white snakes make this kimono a great statement piece signifying transformation and renewal of life. 

These stunning kimonos bring the beauty of Southern Italy to you, to wrap around yourself.


One size fits all - 100% Rayon

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