Masks For All

We are in this together. In support of our community, Skova is making protective face masks available to everyone. One order is 3 masks: 2 shipped to you, PLUS 1 for donation to a nurse, doctor, and members of the medical community in need. With many COVID-19 carriers having little to no symptoms, wearing a face mask protects you and your community.


These masks are washable and reusable, care made of medical grade polypropylene, a fabric used for surgical masks and gowns. Polypropylene masks keep the wearer from spreading disease, and protects the wearer from sprays of liquid.

These masks are not N95 filter masks, nor are they Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as defined by OSHA. These polypropylene masks offer medical grade protection; this is the same fabric used in surgical gowns and masks.

What is polypropylene and how is it made? It’s made by a process known as spunbond technology — spunbond technology means the fabric material is not woven, which makes the fabric capable of filtering out microscopic particles. 

We want to help you and everyone in the community stay safe! 

Lets start the movement now..wear a mask!  


Skova is here for you!

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